Spring is here and summer is around the corner. This usually means, out with the old and in with the new! From new summer diets, new wardrobe, new outdoor activities... to new veggies, spring flavors and of course NEW MENU!

This year, besides showcasing the new "spring collection" I want to give you something different to look forward to, something more than just a seasonal menu change,  and what better way than creating a rotating Basque pintxos menu available on Tuesday nights.

For all of you who are wondering what pintxos are, DO NOT FEAR! They are tasty bite sized "finger food" to be enjoyed with family and friends; preferably with a nice cold beer such as Estrella Damm on tap (my personal favorite) or a nice Spanish wine, can be Tempranillo, Verdejo maybe even a mini bottle of Cava. (Of course, I will also be offering our regular menu, for those of you who are just not feeling so adventurous).

I am super excited to get this Spring started, get new flavors going and most importantly, hearing all of your comments to these new and different Spanish combinations!

But we know that when any of us dine out, its not all about the food we eat, but the experience as a whole. Since we first opened both my husband and I have been showcasing some of the Spanish and Latin American culture here at Soca! Last year we had a beautiful flamenco dancer & guitarist join us every Monday for about a month. We had such an amazing crowd join us to watch her dance while enjoying the atmosphere, food & cocktails... I am really hoping to have a repeat this year! Tell me what you all think, should we?







01/ 11 /2016

Yes, its that time of the year again! We love Christmas at Soca.
Going out for BRUNCH seems to be the right thing to do over the holidays, specially with a warm coffee an heart warming breakfast and of course a beautiful snowfall. 
During this time of the year, we go crazy with gifts ideas for the holidays and this year we made a beautiful Christmas basket for those of you who want to give a little more! The baskets are range in prices and are filled with Spanish products such as Olive Oils, Salts, the oh so popular Conservas de Cambados and more.. you can even include a gift card in yours! 
In the end… it doesn't matter how you spend your holidays, at a cozy brunch, planing your office Christmas party, or going crazy over the perfect gift.. we are here to help you and to make your holidays extra special!!!
Happy Holidays from SOCA!!!








I keep telling everyone it's not always cold in Canada! Summer is finally here and no one knows how to enjoy the outdoors better than Ottawa!

It took us a while to get our patio up and running, but it is now open and its a good time will all of our patio specials! It is hard to remember all the snow that was covering it not too long ago.

Summer is here now, but it won't stay forever; so get out there and enjoy the sun in all the amazing patios this city has to offer!