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Pokoloko Raffia Heart - Natural

Pokoloko Raffia Heart - Natural

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Drawing in the earth elements, each heart is handmade by talented artisans on a remote Island in Indonesia. A stunning home accessory to complement & enrich any room in your home.

This piece of art brings a unique sense of depth to your space, with a loving association from its shape. Made with natural and recycled materials, we love the texture it brings to a space. The back fixture is a sturdy, looped rope for easy hanging.

Seagrass is a fast growing plant that many Indonesian farmers will grow specifically for artisan use. Once dried, it is woven into a durable product.

This piece was curated by artist and Poko BC sales manager, Judith Brock, and the Poko Team. You can create texture or layers in your home by pairing it with another wall hanging. A meaningful gift for new homeowners or for milestone celebrations.

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