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Charger Placemat - White Wash

Charger Placemat - White Wash

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Drawing in the earth elements, these gorgeous chargers are handmade by talented artisans on a remote Island in Indonesia. A stunning centerpiece or placemat for your casual or sophisticated tablescapes.

This is a white washed charger placemat made from pliable, smooth, reed-like rattan. They offer an elegant aesthetic with functional & versatile beauty. Dress them up, or down, or use for centerpieces. Bonus - they’re easy to clean.

This charger can hold heat comfortably and double as a hot plate and placemat. It is sturdy and thick enough for a variety of pots, bowls, centerpiece stylings, and more. Both a useful and beautiful accessory for your home, and for outdoor entertaining.

The rattan is handwoven by talented Balinese artisans in their small-scale workshops. Rattan is a durable & sustainable material that is commonly used by the artisans. ​​The economic value of rattan can help protect forest land where it grows by providing an alternative to logging.

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