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Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate 220g - Allo Simonne

Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate 220g - Allo Simonne

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The traditional, undefeated, milky, vanilla-flavored, medaled classic! It has been our clients’ favorite ever since the beginning of our journey. Prepare yourself for a dive into your childhood memories. 220 g Don’t be surprised by its texture, it is incomparable and even received a gold medal at the canadian section of the international chocolate competition. Perfect condiment for toasts, muffins or ice cream, great as a fondue. Will you put it in your personal desert recipes? Gluten free Peanut free No added oil, including palm oil No preservatives Really addictive

Contains: Milk and Tree nuts Ingredients : Hazelnuts, Cane sugar*, Cocoa powder, Skim milk powder, Vanilla beans*, Sea salt. Contains : Nuts, Milk. *ORGANIC


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