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Sage Stick / Smudge Stick Sustainably sourced Energy Cleanse

Sage Stick / Smudge Stick Sustainably sourced Energy Cleanse

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All sage bundles are about 11-12 cm or about 4 inches and are tied with cotton string, the string may be of varying colours. Also included is a professionally illustrated Sage Card with instructions for use. Available with or without this illustrated instruction card attached. I like to burn plant material to invite positive energy, before meditation, reiki, for Feng Shui, when I am in a new environment and whenever I feel the need to energetically cleanse. Plus it smells divine! Did you know that using fragrant smoke, incense, sage and other plant material is an element common in many different cultures worldwide? The reasons, desired effects and spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures. Everyone has their own personal reasons and preferred methodology for sage cleansing. I have sourced my sage from a small family owned business who sustainably grows the Sage on Private Land and they carefully harvest to Preserve These Sacred Plants. .

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